Gabriel Martins Dias


PhD Thesis: Prediction-Based Strategies for Reducing Data Transmissions in the IoT

Abstract: Predictions about the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the next years are optimistic. The number of interconnected devices will continue to grow exponentially, as well as the amount of data that they...


Improving the bike sharing system with predictions

The bicycle sharing system of Barcelona (called Bicing) has more than 400 stations and about 6.000 bicycles that can be rented by users. Unfortunately, almost every Bicing user has already faced the problem of...


6 reasons why you should start using R

R is a programming language focused on providing tools for statisticians working with data. In the past years, its use has increased and this can be easily explained by the reduction on the costs to...


The use of information processing techniques in WSN simulations

In pursuance of integrating Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) with other systems, the use of techniques from other fields, such as machine learning and information processing, are becoming more common. That is, the networks produce information about...


What are the most used Bicing stations?

Some months ago, I posted a text about the BicInTime, an app to plan trips using public bicycles. For 8 months, I have collected the public data provided by the Barcelona City Council. Based on...


First Steps with OMNET++

The goal of this post is to clarify the structure of an OMNET++ simulation, explaining how the file structure works and where you should include each part of your simulation. As described in the post...


Network Simulators

Simulators are used to model the components of a system and reproduce results under previously defined conditions. Nowadays, there are many open source network simulators that people can download for personal, academic or commercial...


BicinTime – An app to plan trips using public bicycles

The app “BicInTime” is an HTML5 app that lets people plan their Bicing trip with in advance, giving them the best stations to get and leave the bike. It uses the daily and weekly history...


Annotations about the Coefficient of Variation

The Coefficient of Variation (CV) is a way of measuring the variability of a series of numbers. It is calculated by dividing the standard deviation by the mean of the observed values.